Madrasah is currently in Term 1 - 2019

Parents Information Portal

This section is aimed at providing parents current news and updates on Madrasah activities, schedules and upcoming events.  Any specific queries can be sent to the Madrasah Administration department via the Enquiry Form at the bottom of this page.

2019 Calendar

Upcoming Events

Please watch this space for update on activities, time-table and students achievement news.

Parent Reminders

  1. Parents are reminded to check the Quran/Iqra reading record sheet and provide signature to the weekly takss and homework assigned to students.

  2. Parents are to collect their child at the end of the Madrasah every week.  This to ensure that children do not loiter and play in the car-park area. Your co-operation and patience is greatly appreciated.
  3. Parents are to drive carefully and slowly within the Madrasah compound. Please watch for passing students at all times.

Student Enrolment

School fees are on a termly basis.
ALL LEVELS: A$100.00 per term for each child
School fee is due every beginning of the Term.
Collection of fees will be done on every school operating hours.  Please make payments for all school fees to the school administration desk personally. 

Do request for official receipt for all school fees payments made to the administration.

Madrasah Enrolment Dates

Madrasah enrollment is currently closed. Enrolment period is from November - January.

Please watch this space for updates.

Madrasah official Enquiry Form: